What TurnKey Can Do For You

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are wanting to invest in real estate, TurnKey can help make the whole process simple.


It is important to buy a property with potential. TurnKey evaluates not only the property itself, but also the area. Combining that with knowledge of the renovation process ensures that only the right properties are chosen.


Some properties need a little love and care to reach their full potential. However, renovation can be a costly and lengthy process, and this is where many investments can go south. At TurnKey, we have worked in the renovation business and know how to get it done right, while still creating a return.


A property investment isn’t worth anything if you can’t sell or rent it out. This is where TurnKey’s experience in real estate really shines. We’ll find the best options for a given property and ensure that it starts making money back as soon as it can.

Real Estate Investments

Money in the bank is simply that: money in the bank. Real estate investing is a great way to put your money to work for you. TurnKey offers a variety of services and expertise that makes it easy to invest in real estate. We can even help you to acquire the funds to get started.

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Our Renovation Projects

No matter what the state of repair, TurnKey can transform any property into something world-class.





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Sell Your Home

There are many reasons to sell a property. Perhaps you are looking to relocate, or are trying to get rid of an inheritance property that you just can't afford to take care of. Whatever the reason, TurnKey can help. We buy houses with little hassle at fair market prices. There's no need to renovate or repair. We'll make you an offer on your property as-is.

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Who We Are At TurnKey

TurnKey Development and Renovations, LLC was established in 2015 by its owner Kevin Turnyanszki.

Kevin’s business model was designed to offer much more than basic construction services. His vision was to pair his passion for real estate with expert construction service to create long term relationships and profitable opportunities for investors.

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